At Sacred Heart we value the support of volunteers. Over your child/ren’s journey through Primary School there are many opportunities to volunteer and support your child and the school.

As part of our commitment to Child Safety, we are required to have stringent policies and procedures in place to protect our students from potential harm. Further to this, all schools are now required by law to follow strict guidelines when enlisting the support of Volunteers in their school.

Sacred Heart School Volunteer Definition:

A parent or caregiver who assists students and/or Sacred Heart Staff in any capacity, both on and off site. 

Examples of assisting include:

  1. Listening to children other than your own read a book
  2. Being a helper on an excursion
  3. Helping at an event such as Athletics Day
  4. Being a guest speaker

Do I need a WWCC to enter Sacred Heart School grounds?

No, although we strongly encourage all parents and caregivers to apply for a Working with Children Check and register it with the school to assist us in continually promoting a child safe environment.  It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure our students are safe and feel safe at all times.

On school grounds:

  1. A Working with Children Check is required when assisting in any manner on school grounds, including in the classroom.
  2. A Working with Children Check is not required (but very highly preferred) when the parent or caregiver is interacting with their child only and not interacting with any other child while at school.
  3. If the parent or caregiver is assisting in any way, a Working with Children Check is required.

Off school grounds:

A Working with Children Check is required in all cases when a parent or caregiver is with a school group off site.


All volunteers are required to complete the form below:


Volunteer Induction Module Form & Video


Volunteers are required to view/read the following documentation as part of the application process for volunteering at Sacred Heart School.