The Sacred Heart School uniform is based on the school colours of navy and gold.  The School approved full uniform is available from The School Uniform Shop at 183 Corio Street Shepparton.

Limited uniform is available at Tatura Logos & Promos 108 Hogan Street Tatura.

School Uniform


  • Gold Polo Shirt (short or long sleeve with Logo)
  • Navy Shorts (2 styles available)
  • Navy Skort
  • Blue & White Check Dress (with gold pin stripe)
  • Navy Socks
  • Black School Shoes or Black Boots
  • Navy Slouch Hat (with Logo)
  • Navy Jumper (gold stripe in neckband & logo)
  • Navy Tracksuit Top (Track “n” Field brand gold stripe in neck band & Logo)


  • Gold Polo Shirt (as above) or Gold Skivvy
  • Navy Tracksuit Pant (Track “n” Field with gold stripe in neck band and Logo / 2 styles of pants available)
  • Navy Trousers (Scags brand)
  • Navy Skirt
  • Navy Socks or Navy Tights
  • Black School Shoes or Black Boots
  • Navy Jumper (gold stripe in neckband & logo)
  • Navy Coat (with logo)
  • School Beanie (with logo)
  • Navy Shorts (2 styles available)


  • Gold Polo Shirt or Skivvy (as above) Navy Shorts (as above)
  • Navy Tracksuit Pant (as above)
  • Navy Tracksuit Jumper (as above)
  • Navy sports short
  • White Sports Socks (plain white)
  • Sneakers

School Hats:

School hats are worn in terms 1 and 4.
Children without a hat are asked to play under the veranda.


Hair should be neat and tidy at all times and should not hang across the eyes or in front of the shoulders when leaning forward. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back at all times. Hair accessories must be in school colours. Hair needs to be school appropriate and therefore extreme hair styles and extreme coloured hair is not permitted.


For safety reasons, the students are permitted to only wear a minimal amount of jewellery. This may include:

  • one plain ring
  • a watch
  • plain sleepers or studs
  • no bracelets or necklaces of any type


Variation in styles, brands and colours are not school uniform (eg. fleecy tracksuits, round neck windcheaters, gold polo shirts with out logos, brown boots, black sneakers as school shoes, tracksuit pants without the band at the ankle).

  • Summer Uniform is worn in terms 1 & 4
  • Winter Uniform is worn in terms 2 & 3 (use your discretion depending on the weather).
  • Sports Uniform is worn on Sports Day. Sneakers are only worn on sports day.
  • Students are to wear their uniform every day.

All clothing is to be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

SCHOOL BAGS are optional and are only available from The School Uniform Shop – 183 Corio Street Shepparton.