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School fees and levies are reviewed annually.

School Fees & Levies

An annual family fee is set by the School Board.  An additional student levy is also charged.

The Student Levy covers the costs for stationary, minor excursions, visiting artists etc.

The policy of the school is that no child will be excluded from school if families have a genuine financial difficulty. Families experiencing financial difficulties need to contact the School Principal or the Parish Priest so that alternative arrangements can be made. Such arrangements are strictly confidential.

Fees are payable on receipt of an account. Accounts are sent at the beginning of terms 1, 2 and 3. Please note payment in instalments eg. Weekly/fortnightly/monthly can be arranged by seeing the Principal or School Administration Officer. We also offer a monthly Direct Debit service - Fortnightly and Monthly.  We also offer families the option to pay their fees through Centrepay.

In 2020 the family fee for one child will be $1143, for a two children family the fee will be $1598 and for three or more children the family fee will be $1848 , plus an additional levy of $355 per child. There is also a stationery/book list that parents are expected to get for each child (these vary according to the year the child is in).

A Computer Levy to cover the 1:1 iPad program introduced to our school in 2018 for Year 5 & 6 students. A Technology Levy for Year 3 & 4 students has been added for 2020.  This levy is $190 per Year 5 & 6 student and $50 per Year 3 & 4 student.

All excursions, camp, swimming and other costs incurred by parents are billed at the start of the school year so that parents can budget for all expenses throughout the year.

Additional funds are required from the Parish through the annual Parish School Fete and Raffle.  All parents are asked to volunteer and support our school fete - this is our major fund-raiser for the year.

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