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Folder COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

 This section contains updated information.  Please scroll down to see the latest updates. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Sacred Heart School community in these challenging times.  Our first priority is the health and safety of our school community.


Essential Information for the return of students to onsite learning in Term 4.

Decision Making

Will continue to be informed by:

  • Victorian Government, Catholic Education Commission Victoria, Catholic Education Office Sandhurst
  • School COVID Safe Plan
  • Relevant School Risk Assessments


  • Parents/carers are unable to enter school grounds
  • Please phone the office for all enquiries or email your child’s teacher


  • Students feeling unwell must not attend school under any circumstance
  • If your child presents as unwell or is unwell during the day, they will need to be isolated at school and a parent/carer will be called

Morning Drop-Off 

8:30am onwards

  • Staff member on Yard Duty at the front of school (Hogan Street) to support students in walking into school
  • Students can also walk into school from Hunter Street
  • We cannot have any students onsite before 8:30am unless they are in Before School Care

Afternoon Pick-Up

3:20pm onwards

  • Students will be dismissed at 3:20pm
  • Classes to stagger leaving their classroom to minimise traffic flow exiting school
  • Year 5/6 students will exit between the Mercy Centre and Church
  • Students are able to exit via Hunter Street and are encouraged to do so to lessen the amount of traffic on Hogan Street
  • Please ensure your child knows where you will be
  • Parents/Carers to remain behind signs placed outside the front of school to allow free movement of students exiting school gate 
  • Staff members on Yard Duty to support students exiting school
  • Parents/Carers are not to use school pick-up as a chance to gather together – Normal social distancing expectations apply
  • Parents/Carers are unable to enter school grounds
  • Children may walk or ride to school as normal and must exit the school ground through Hunter Street
  • Bus is normal time
  • We cannot have any students onsite after 3:30pm unless they are in After School Care

Recess and Lunch Time

  • Units will be allocated specific play areas

Before and After School Care

  • Before School Care is available between 7:30am - 8:30am
  • After School Care is available between 3:20pm - 6pm
  • We cannot have any students onsite before 8:30am or after 3:30pm unless they are booked in for Before or After School Care


  • Masks for students remains at the parent/carers discretion  
  • Teachers may need to ask a student to remove the mask during learning time

Drink Bottles

  • Students to bring their own drink bottle/s
  • Please ensure your child brings enough water with them to last the day
  • Bubbler taps are not to be used due to cross contamination 


  • Assemblies to continue via Google Meet with classes in their own rooms
  • Larger gatherings of students may occur outside within the relevant health requirements

Compulsory wearing of face masks

In line with advice from the Chief Health Officer, the Victorian Government has announced that all Victorians must wear a face covering when they leave home from 11.59 pm on Sunday 2 August 2020. 

Face coverings will be mandatory for people aged 12 and over. These measures will slow the spread of COVID-19 and help protect the community. 

In schools, this means that school-based staff and secondary school students will be required to wear a face covering. 

The Victorian Chief Health Officer has advised that any face covering will be acceptable – it does not need to be a surgical mask. 

Please see the letter from Pauline below regarding the wearing of face masks at school.


Restrictions to those onsite will continue, as will the safety measures that were put in place when students returned in Term 2.  

Parents are advised that Before and After School Care will recommence at the normal times.

Please stay safe and remember to social distance.

 Parent Helpers and Volunteers

Until further notice, we ask that there are no parent helpers and volunteers in classrooms or school events. Importantly, parents and guardians are still welcome to walk their child into school in the morning and pick their child up at the end of the school day.


Assemblies will continue via Google Meet with classes in their own rooms.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders will commence on Thursdays and Fridays from Week 1 Term 4

School Banking

Until further notice, all school banking is cancelled.

Men's Shed and Sewing Club

Until further notice, all Men's Shed and Sewing Club sessions are cancelled.

Please also remember we are in constant dialogue with relevant authorities and the above information may change at any time.

Sanitisation Measures at the school

The school has increased sanitation measures and the frequency of disinfection in our classrooms and on equipment,  We have minimised visitors to the classrooms and have hand sanitiser on the reception desk for all visitors.  Please be assured that we are doing all that we can to protect and keep safe our students, staff and visitors.

Students learning onsite will need to be signed in by a Parent/Caregiver and temperatures will be taken before entry into the school.  Social distancing restrictions will be implemented.



pdf Week 10, Term 3 & Week 1, Term 4 update 9-9-2020


Download (pdf, 603 KB)

Week10 Tm 3 & Week 1 Tm4 update.pdf

pdf Onsite Learning for Week 10, Term 3 & Week 1 Term 4


Download (pdf, 328 KB)

Returning to School letter for Term 4.docx.pdf

pdf 7-8-20 Latest update from Pauline


Download (pdf, 440 KB)

Letter to Parents 7_8.pdf

pdf Important Information for Remote Learning Term 3 2020


Download (pdf, 112 KB)

Important Information for Remote Learning Term 3 2020.pdf

pdf Letter regarding Onsite Learning for Week 4, Term 3.


Download (pdf, 428 KB)

Letter to Parent 3_8_20- onsite learning.pdf

pdf Letter from Pauline regarding Learning in Week 4 Term 3


Download (pdf, 343 KB)

Letter to Parent 2_8_20.pdf

pdf Compulsory wearing of face masks from Monday 3rd August.


Download (pdf, 560 KB)

Letter to Parents 31_7_20.pdf

pdf School Resuming Term 3


Download (pdf, 421 KB)

School Resuming Term 3.pdf

pdf Letter to Parents & Caregivers - Return to School Week 9 3/6/20


Download (pdf, 410 KB)

Letter to Parents - Return to School Week 9.pdf

pdf Letter to Parents and Caregivers 26/5/20


Download (pdf, 430 KB)

Letter to Parent 26_5_20.pdf

pdf Returning to School letter


Download (pdf, 748 KB)

Returning to School letter.pdf

pdf Letter to parents Wk 1 T2


Download (pdf, 412 KB)

Letter to parents Wk 1 T2.pdf

pdf Letter to parents Intentions for onsite learning in Week 1, Term 2


Download (pdf, 564 KB)

Letter to parents - Intentions for onsite learning.pdf

pdf COVID19 iPad Deployment Agreement


Download (pdf, 910 KB)

COVID19 iPad Deployment Agreement.pdf

pdf Letter to parents learning packs


Download (pdf, 653 KB)

Letter to parents learning packs.docx.pdf

document Letter to parents iPads


Download (docx, 831 KB)

Letter to parents iPads.docx

pdf Term 2 start details


Download (pdf, 600 KB)

Letter to parents Term 2 8-4-20.docx.pdf

pdf Letter to parents (23-3-20) - End of Term 1


Download (pdf, 458 KB)

Letter to parents - (23-3-20).docx.pdf

pdf Letter Sunday (22-3-20) - End of Term 1


Download (pdf, 318 KB)

Letter Sunday 22-3-20.docx.pdf

pdf Letter to parents covid19 (21-3-20)


Download (pdf, 289 KB)

Letter to parents covid19 (21-3-20).pdf

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