Farewell Our Year 6 Graduating Students

As our Year 6 students come to the end of their time here at Sacred Heart Primary our Principal, Pauline Hindson and Year 5/6 Teaching Team acknowledge below our graduating class.

I would like to congratulate our Year 6 graduating students on all your wonderful achievements during your time at Sacred Heart School.

Although your final years have been particularly challenging, you have continued to live out our Graduate Outcomes and have shown what amazing, optimistic and resilient people you are.

I am very proud of each of you and know your families and teachers are too. Thank you for all you have given our school. We have a wonderful school community and you have contributed so much to helping that grow.

Congratulations on your incredible achievements across all areas of school life. You have been true ambassadors for Sacred Heart and great role models to others.

As you leave us and go onto different secondary colleges, I ask you to always remember our school expectations – to be Responsible, Respectful, Resilient and to Be Your Best!

Be kind to people you meet along the way, think big thoughts, be optimistic in whatever you are doing, pursue your dreams and make the most of each and every opportunity you are presented with. You are all learners and leaders, not just today but into our future

I hope you will always reflect on your time at Sacred Heart School with great pride and fond memories.

May God be with you as you continue through life’s exciting journey and may the Sacred Heart of Jesus guide you always.

From your very proud Principal

Pauline Hindson

After seven years of Primary School, our Year Six students have begun to prepare for their next phase of learning – the transition into their chosen high schools.

They have been a truly resilient and outstanding group. They have experienced the ups and downs of COVID and Remote Learning and taken disappointments of cancelled excursions, missed camps and many opportunities washed under the bridge. We would like to commend all the grade 6s on continually rising to the occasion and doing their best in such adverse times. Each a setback, but these truly remarkable students just continued to do what they needed to do. With a smile on their faces and a spring in their step, each new encounter brought joy and hope.

Our Year Six leaders have continually risen to the occasion, readily modelling to the Sacred Heart School community the qualities of being responsible, respectful and resilient. When leading assemblies they strived to be their best. As team leaders they took up responsibilities in the areas of Sports, Communication, P.B.I.S, Sustainability, Arts, Tech Angels and Social Justice.

As we farewell our departing Year Six Graduating Class, we wish them all the best and know that with the love and strength of God by their side they will flourish to be outstanding citizens within our global world.

Auguri and best wishes to you all.

Dom Poppa, Emily Slaughter, Cath Basile and Melissa Connors.

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